Lipomassage is one of the latest offerings of advanced technology to effectively tackle body cellulite. For the uninitiated, cellulite is that ugly lumpy cottage cheese like fat that is superficially visible in areas like abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Undoubtedly, this unwanted fatty part ruins the personality of women (and in some case, men too!).

Lipomassage by Endermologie is a non-invasive mode of cellulite treatment. Light rollers and gentle suctioning are used to deep massage the affected body parts. This gentle, yet deep massaging helps increasing the circulation in the affected parts. Additionally, collagen function is also restored in the massaged area. Toxins and abnormal water buildup is expelled, and the connective fibers are stretched. The overall result is a smoother, more contoured body, bereft of any ‘orange peel’ effect.

The procedure may seem simple and you may be compelled to just buy the device and do it yourself at home. However, there are techniques involved in its operation that can achieve maximum results, which only an expert knows. Therefore, it is always advisable that you pre-arrange lipomassage sessions with a specialist.

The trick lies in isolating fat layers and working on them vigorously in order to generate maximum impact. The rollers attached to the device help in folding and unfolding the skin at different speeds, thus, giving you an intensive massage.

The advantage of Lipomassage include, increased blood flow in the massaged area to eject the toxins and broken down fat; non-invasive and thus, less risky; alleviates stress and thus, therapeutic; and exfoliates the skin and thus, helps the skin look radiant and fresh. In a nutshell, Lipomassage is a great detoxifier, and promises a smoother, slimmer and toned waist, thighs, stomach and upper arms, and a marked reduction in the dimples.

If you can find one flaw in Lipomassage, it has to be its relatively costly price. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount on Lipomassage sessions.