Light Amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) is being increasingly used for treating several diseases and body conditions with great results. Laser treatment for cellulite represents one of the advanced uses of laser technology for the betterment of human beings. As the name suggests, low level laser beams are directed on the parts of the body where cellulite has accumulated, which heats the cells until they rupture and move out from under the connective tissues.

For better results and faster cellulite removal from the body, cellulite laser treatment is used with some other surgical or non-surgical processes. For instance, liposuction with laser treatment is extremely beneficial and offers quick results. Liposuction can be performed either before or after the laser treatment. ‘Tri-Active’ is another powerful supplement to cellulite laser treatment. It is, essentially, a massage-based cellulite treatment aimed at elimination of tissue oxygenation and waste, while restoring connective tissues.

Some of the benefits of laser treatment for cellulite include non-invasive and non-painful procedure, minimal recovery period, comparatively less risks and side effects than the surgical procedures.

However, be prepared to shell out good money for a single cellulite laser treatment session. And if you add-up the costs for all the sessions, the amount could be staggering. Depending on the patient’s response, cellulite laser treatment sessions could take up to 10 sittings.

Moreover, if you are not prepared to follow up with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet after laser treatment, it’s better not to have it in the first place, because cellulite will quickly recur if you are not diligent enough. This simply means regular exercise; healthy diet with less carbohydrates, fats and oils; no smoking; no use of laxative and diuretic pills; and less use of salt. These do’s and don’ts should be cross-checked with the expert and strictly adhered to in order to extract maximum benefit out of the laser treatment for cellulite.