First the facts! There is no such thing as cellulite cure. At best, some cellulite therapies ensure that the cellulite does not relapse in the body. You have the option to choose from any, some or all of the cellulite therapies in order to address your problem. However, if you can see a specialist, nothing like it! He or she will advise you perfectly on which cellulite therapy to go in for, after thoroughly examining you physically. Here are some of the cellulite therapies you can opt for:

  1. Endermologie or Lipomassage: This is an FDA approved method to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Basically, it involves the application of specialized machine for massaging the connective tissues and fat globules. This massaging helps in loosening the tightly packed cellulite present under the skin and thereby, promotes circulation.

  2. Liposuction: Earlier, liposuction generated huge amount of debate among medical fraternity due to its side effects, but modern laser technology has eliminated the side effects and the result is the instant elimination of cellulite deposit from under the skin.

  3. Ultrasound: External Ultrasound Therapy is a weak form of cellulite treatment because the ultrasound rays destroy only a small amount of fat cells, which are ultimately flushed away through normal filtering mechanism of the body.

  4. Accent Cellulite Therapy: This is the newest FDA approved device, which uses a combination of radio frequency and electrical energies. This energy painlessly stretches the fibrous bands and reduces the dimpling effect of cellulite, besides breaking the fat cells for safe elimination from the body.

  5. Natural Therapies: The best cellulite treatment is via natural mode. A combination of balanced diet and physical exercise can work wonders to achieve cellulite-free body. Besides, there are several special cellulite diets and home remedies for cellulite that can hasten the process of cellulite removal from the body.

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