Cellulite massage is slowly gaining popularity among people looking for natural, yet effective way of cellulite removal from the body. The principle behind cellulite massage is akin to any massage. Rubbing the body part containing cellulite in a certain way tends to soften the cellulite accumulated under the skin. Periodic cellulite massage ultimately results in breaking of fat cells and natural excretion through normal body processes.

Massage has tremendous benefits, besides effectively addressing cellulite problem. For instance, blood circulation is improved, circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated, and any kind of stress in the body is removed, particularly from the massaged area.

Many reputed spas and salons are offering cellulite massage these days. However, these are undoubtedly, costly affairs. If you are planning an hour’s massage session, be prepared to shell out anywhere from $75 to $300. However, if you can’t afford such costly sessions, there’s still some hope. As an effective home remedy for cellulite, you can massage at your comfort place with essential oils known for their beneficial qualities.

The process is simple. Start with massaging each leg in circular movements, kneading the flesh as you move upwards or downwards. This simple massage for a couple of minutes each day is enough to break down sufficient fat and get rid of toxins. For better results, try using some essential oils for massage. These oils are easily available in the market and may come in fragrances, like grapefruit, lemon, orange, cypress, juniper, lavender, rosemary, and sage.

Ideal time for cellulite massage is to apply the mixture on your cellulite-prone areas immediately after shower.

The most important thing to learn about cellulite massage is that you need to have loads of patience before the results are visible. Plenty of sessions will be needed in order to achieve significantly positive results. The best way is to schedule your massage sessions and persevere for lasting effects.